It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Flavorful Hydration.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Antioxidation.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s Low-Sugar Innovation.     It’s WonderWater™.     It’s a 10-Calorie Revelation.     
Bai Boost Bottles
  • Antioxidant
  • Good Source
    Vitamin C

Get 110mg of caffeine.
For when you need to give 110%.

It’s WonderWater

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Real. Refreshing. Flavors.

Bai Bottle


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Bai Boost Bottle

Bai Boost

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Cocofusions Bottle


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Antioxidant Water Bottle

Antioxidant Water

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The Flavor Feed

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Bai drinks and recipes make the perfect companion for any mood,
celebration or occasion (like, say, 5 o’clock).

A refreshing drink infused with
antioxidants and natural flavors.

It’s WonderWater.

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